Who am I?

My name is Kaz. I’m a 22 year old Industrial Designer from the Netherlands.

I love exploring technology and tinkering with it. As a result, my main hobbies include programming and creating games. Creating games sometimes even more so than actually playing any. Writing code with a cup of coffee calms my mind and every completed line keeps me motivated. I love working on new designs when I notice something people need, or see an opportunity for creating something people would simply enjoy.

My vision

“Good design is as little design as possible”

So were the words of Dieter Rams, associated with the Ulm School of Design. Their vision and execution are inspiring to me. I aim for my design to be a seamless experience, meaning there should be nothing in the way of anyone experiencing the design as intended.  In their words: Good design should be unobtrusive, honest and understandable. An interactive system should be engaging and an extension of the user, it should not cause confusion, instead it should clearly show it’s intention.

With as little (noticeable) design as possible steering someone in a different way is one of the most interesting things to attempt to achieve. This makes serious games a very intriguing topic to me. Hidding life lessons causing behavioral change in a playful system to the point the user barely notices how much they are actually learning is a complex and beautiful thing. I personally think this is where technology like Virtual Reality will have a big role to play in the future, offering truly immersive experiences in a playful manner while the design of the media being consumed is focused on improving the user’s skills or knowledge.