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The King's Quest

The King's Quest is an semi-open world RPG taking place in an unique world. Most of the land has been taken over by the sea. A king rules over the loose islands scattered across the region. You are a lumberjack on a small island with trees until one day a letter arrives from the king, requesting all islanders to take part in his strange challenge and win his daughter's hand in marriage.

The game is created in Unreal Engine 4 by me alone using both Unreal Marketplace assets and self-made assets. It is currently still in development but an Alpha Build will be available to play freely soon.

Construction Time

Construction Time is an augmented reality game that aims to keep students motivated during their education in mathematics. As mathematics can be a frustrating topic it is important to stay motivated. An important thing to keep in mind is how certain elements of mathematics can be harder to comprehend for one student than for another. Not only does this slow down the progression of the student relative to his or her peers, but it also creates frustration. This unpleasant feeling can make it difficult for students to focus on their work and continue improving. In order to aid students that experience such a feeling of frustration Construction Time offers a fun distraction in the form of a short Augmented Reality game.

Construction Time Phone Half


"TelMee gives every person a voice"

TelMee is a service that creates an engaged and active community. It helps municipalities in moving towards a participation society.

Currently it requires a lot of effort from the inhabitants to participate actively in a municipality. With TelMee we aim at giving a voice to every inhabitant, also the ones who are currently heard too infrequently.

The services takes into account every involved party: the municipality, the initiators and the other inhabitants:

  • It facilitates municipalities in monitoring the support for specific initiatives, by using the system as a tool to collect data or provoke discussion.
  • It enables initiators to reach more fellow inhabitants.
  • it gives inhabitants the opportunity to express their opinions in an accessible way.

TelMee is a TU/e M1.1 project created Deborah Pelders, Kaz Voeten and Marit Her.


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